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Our Process

NeuroImprove stands out from other psychological practices due to its rigorous approach to challenges and obstacles in all areas and contexts of life. Our process is meticulous and tailored to the individual needs of each client. Here’s how:

1. Initial Assessment with qEEG:

The first step is performing a Quantitative Electroencephalogram, which allows us to understand the client's brain activity and functioning.

2. Psychological Assessment:

We use reliable psychological assessment methods to gain a deep understanding of the client's history and current mental state.

3. Report and Goals:

Based on the assessment, we create a clinical formulation of the difficulties, which is then discussed with the client. Together, we define therapeutic goals aligned with their unique needs.

4. Personalized Protocol:

We establish a multidisciplinary treatment plan that combines Neurofeedback and Psychology, applying a series of scientifically validated strategies and techniques, such as psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring, and reinforcement plans, to ensure comprehensive and lasting mental recovery.

Colagem com neurofeedback, psicologa e escola

5. Support Network:

To maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, we involve not only the individual but also the family and, in the case of children, the school and other healthcare professionals who may be involved.

This integrated approach allows us to offer more complete and effective treatment, thoughtfully adapted to the complexity of each clinical case and for conditions such as:

Find out how Neurofeedback works.

Gradual brain exercise of self-learning and self-regulation
Allows the training and improvement of the brain functions, through which the brain readjusts behavioral patterns and learns to operate in a more efficient manner


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Completely safe, painless and non-invasive technique.

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First results
within a month.

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Effectiveness of over 70% in treatments.

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No side effects.

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Significant improvement of
the quality of life.

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Alternative to medication.

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