The impact of Self-Esteem on Attention Deficit

Self-esteem relates to how we perceive ourselves, who we think we are and how we assess ourselves. When we nurture positive feelings towards ourselves - for example, pride in our achievements, satisfaction with our personality - we are more likely to feel motivated to achieve more, face new challenges, and assert ourselves, our desires, and needs in front of others.

However, in cases of Attention Deficit, self-esteem tends to be significantly affected. Constant experiences of failure, the struggle to overcome difficulties even with extra effort, and frequent criticism lead the child to question their abilities and even their intelligence.

It is very common to find children with Attention Deficit who feel "dumb" or less capable than other children - these thoughts and feelings are clear indicators of low self-esteem.

This low self-esteem distorts the child's self-image, making it difficult to identify their real strengths and limitations. As a result, failures and difficulties are magnified, while qualities often go unnoticed.

Although a healthy dose of self-criticism is beneficial for personal growth and learning, such distorted judgment manifests as extreme self-criticism. Making mistakes is not a sign of failure, but rather an opportunity for learning and growth.

It is crucial to strengthen self-esteem. Although low self-esteem is not the cause of Attention Deficit, it contributes to a proportional increase of insecurity.

In situations of pressure, high expectations, and/or fear of failure, the child can easily succumb to anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety only worsens concentration abilities, making errors more likely to happen and further undermining confidence.

Showing understanding, valuing small achievements, verbally praising, and publicly recognizing the efforts and positive results of the child are fundamental steps to strengthen their self-esteem and promote an environment conducive to their emotional development and well-being.

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