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Neuronal activity is recorded using a quantitative electroencephalogram, which consists of recording brain waves through the use of harmless sensors placed on the scalp. Neurofeedback sessions are scheduled according to the conclusions drawn from this exam regarding the level of dysregulation of the brain activity pattern and the level of desynchronization of the different brain areas.

Thus, in Neurofeedback sessions, the client is invited to watch a movie and/or to play through the mental state, altering their neural activity in an intuitive way. And whenever the Neurofeedback program detects any alteration in brain activity in the sense of regulation and synchronized communication, it will send “feedback” so that the customer realizes that the brain waves have reached the ideal value.

Over time, the The brain will try to reproduce the same brain wave to receive the said feedback again, learning to maintain the new pattern of brain functioning and to balance your performance, even outside of sessions.

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