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Dr. Bárbara Mello

Dr. Bárbara Mello

Neurophysiology Technician

Case Manager

Academic Career

  • Bachelor's degree in Neurophysiology from the School of Health Technologies of Porto, Porto (2018).

Professional Career

  • Case Manager: NeuroImprove Clinic (2021 - Present).
  • Neurophysiology and Neurofeedback Technician: NeuroImprove Clinic (2020 - Present).
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technician, ACSS License No. C-062664107 (2018).

Other Certifications

  • Lecture "Attention Deficit and Anxiety - Posture and Emotional Wounds," by Neuroinsight (2023).
  • Masterclass "Autism and Attention Deficit - How to Intervene in Emotions," by Neuroinsight (2023).
  • Lecture "Dyslexia - Understanding with Neuroscience," by Neuroinsight (2023)
  • Webinar "Epilepsy in Women - Women with Epilepsy in Childbearing Age Fiat Lux," by LPCE (2021).
  • Webinar "Ketogenic Diet in the Treatment of Adults with Refractory Epilepsy," by LPCE (2021).
  • Webinar "Covid 19 and Epilepsy," by LPCE (2021).
  • Webinar "Cannabinoids in Epilepsy: Facts and Fiction," by LPCE (2021).
  • Webinar "Devices and Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy: Science Fiction?" by LPCE (2021).
  • Webinar "Symposium of Patient Associations with Epilepsy," by LPCE (2021).
  • Course "Basics to Neurofeedback Therapy," by NeuroImprove Academy (2020).
  • VII Neurophysiology Conference, by the Porto School of Health Sciences (2015).


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